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Precision cleaning that respects your time. First time customers save 20% on select services. Request Your Quote



For those who manage multiple rental units, small business, office spaces, or large properties

Request a Quote 

Tailor an affordable and effective solution to safeguard your employees and impress your customers.

We recognize that your business has specific needs. When you call us, you meet with a dedicated team member who will inquire to ensure that we meet goals for your space. We ask question about air quality, tactile cleanliness of surfaces, special equipment, and more.

We also learn about your workflow and business processes to:

      1. Employ techniques to meet compliance standards

      2. Schedule one-time or recurring services around your business needs

      3. Keep your employees and customers safe, happy, and healthy

When you request a quote or call us at 602-613-0460, we will customize our service and pricing to fit your needs. We provide both one-time and recurring services and can set up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly dates at your convenience. 


All surfaces and furniture including  chairs, seating areas, tables, cubbies, shelves
Sanitize and clean play areas
Organize & sterilize toys with nontoxic cleaner
Disinfect diaper changing tables
Clean nap mats or cots
Empty and restock trash cans
Sweep, mop, vacuum
Disinfect high-frequency contact touchpoints including light switches and doorknobs
Clean bathrooms including toilets, urinals, mirrors, and sinks 
Dust furnishing, slight fixtures, ceiling fans, window sills, door frames, and baseboards
Inside fridge
Inside oven
Clean dishes
Wash blankets and bedding
Deep clean carpet
Deep clean desks or play items
Restock soap, sanitary dispensers, toiletries

What Separates Us

Our respect and commitment to our customers is the center of our success. 


Locally Owned & Operated


Trained & Uniformed Staff


Bonded & Insured Business


Technical & Efficient Process 

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